Dr Tan has a caring, patient manner and is extremely family focused. Patients of Dr Tan can be assured of being cared for and having direct help at every stage of the pregnancy. 

Your Visits

Dr Tan will see you for your first consultation from 7 weeks of pregnancy.

Antenatal visits are 4-6 weekly up to 28 weeks; every 2 weeks until 36 weeks after which visits will be weekly until your baby is born. At each visit, Dr Tan will check your blood pressure, baby’s position, growth and heart rate. He has an ultrasound machine available in his consulting rooms for this purpose.

Dr Tan’s priority is to attend deliveries, so occasionally there may be a delay in your appointment. Please be patient. Remember, the next delivery may be yours!

Antenatal Screening Tests

Routine investigations include:

Tests Screening For
FBC Test for anaemia

Blood Group and antibody testing:

Tests Screening For
Rubella Immunity to German Measles
VDRL Testing for Syphilis
VDRL Testing for Syphilis
HIV Testing for AIDS
MSU Testing for urinary infections
Varicella-Zoster Testing for Chicken pox immunity
Ultrasound scan Check age and baby (or babies!)
10 weeks

NIPT / HARMONY test (99% accuracy for Trisomy 21 and fetal sex)

11-13 weeks

Nuchal translucency ultrasound scan (optional – for Down Syndrome)

18-20 weeks

Morphology ultrasound scan (to assess baby’s organs and limbs)

26-28 weeks

Glucose challenge test (for Diabetes), full blood count, antibody screen

34-36 weeks

Low vaginal swab for Group B streptococcus bacteria (for vaginal deliveries)


AVOID soft cheeses – AVOID sushi – AVOID pre-cooked seafood.

AVOID raw eggs. Thoroughly wash your fresh salad.

I strongly recommend that you take an Iron/Multivitamin/Folate supplement throughout your pregnancy to reduce the risk of spina bifida in the first trimester and anaemia during your pregnancy. (Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold Formula – 2 each day).

Stop smoking. Stop drinking alcohol.

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